Estate Agents Leamington Spa

Estate Agents Leamington Spa

Are you looking to move to Leamington Spa? Perhaps you have a property to sell in the town, or need to buy and sell either in Leamington Spa, Warwick or surrounding areas? Either way you'll be exploring your options with local Estate Agents in Leamington Spa to help you through what is sometimes a stressful time.

One way to choose an estate agent to support you through the process, whether that's to sell or buy a property, is to talk to Tara & Co. At Tara & Co Estate Agents, we value ourselves as Straight Talking and honest, throughout all aspects of our Estate Agency service.  We aim to give valuable, honest advice, with a jargon free approach. We think that these values are somewhat lacking in the Estate Agency industry, and in a town with such a buoyant rental and sales market, it is very important that you trust your Estate Agent. This lack of transparency and honesty in the industry has led to Estate Agents gaining an interesting reputation in recent years, and we really are striving to break that stereotype!

We believe that our ‘straight talking' policy really differentiates us from other estate agents in Leamington Spa, and can be directly attributed to a reduction in our clients' stress levels!

Of course straight talking won't sell property alone, although it can go a long way to make the process smoother, manage expectations and ensure all parties understand one another. Here is where an experienced local Estate Agent, who knows the market in Leamington Spa and has a team of experts on hand to support buyers and sellers throughout a sale, is essential.

Leamington Spa is a great place to live, with fantastic amenities and a buoyant property market. If you're looking to buy or sell you need an estate agent in Leamington Spa who can ensure they will let you know exactly where you stand throughout the sale process. Check out our 8 Steps To Your Property Sale to find out how we deliver our straight talking estate agent services, so you will know that you're in safe hands.

At Tara & Co we try to be the most straight talking and honest Estate Agents in Leamington Spa, starting from the moment you contact us. For some honest, Straight-talking advice, speak to one of our team on 01926422077 or email

Tara & Co are also Letting Agents in Leamington Spa, so if you are looking to rent or let a property in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth or the surrounding area, perhaps between selling and buying a new home, contact our team.