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Spring! The Best Time To Sell Your House


Spring has officially sprung here in Leamington Spa with our parks ablaze with daffodils! It's also officially the start of the best house-selling season, when new buyers enter the market and property sales pick up.

Why Is Spring The Best Time To Sell Your Home In Leamington Spa?

Winter can be a quiet time of year for estate agents in Leamington Spa, Warwick and surrounding areas, as homeowners and buyers alike tend hunker down through the cold, damp months and need to budget over the Christmas period. But from February through to June we see a spike in house sales as buyers put their New Year Resolutions into action and start their property search in earnest.

There are practical reasons for this as much as a seasonal whim:

Better weather encourages people to get out and about: No one enjoys house-hunting in bad weather, so a few sunny days encourages buyers to book viewings and explore the areas they're looking to buy in.

Longer days mean more viewings: Once the days begin to draw out again there's more opportunity for buyers to view properties after work as well as at the weekend.

Good light makes homes more attractive: Even spacious, open-plan, light-filled homes can look a bit dull on a grey and dreary day, so what will your cozy cottage or town house look like on a bleak winter's day? With more natural light and the sun (when it shines) higher in the sky, properties look a lot better.

Gardens give a great first impression: Front gardens and entrances also benefit from the new season. Spring bulbs, the first blossom, and new leaves on trees and shrubs can really transform your outdoor spaces.

Families time purchases with the school year: Many families enter the property market at this time of year with the intention of completing their house purchase by the end of the school year. This means they then have the summer holidays to settle into their new home, and children can start back at new schools in the autumn.

Avoids the summer holidays: If you're selling a family house you'll want to avoid the summer holidays as parents are generally busy juggling childcare or holidaying, and don't want to take children on endless viewings.

Buyers are in better spirits! It's true that spring puts people into a better mood and that affects how they view properties. Just think how you feel if the weather is depressing and how that impacts on your mood. You're more likely to pick holes in every thing you see if you're feeling negative to start with. So when people are feeling more optimistic they won't notice those little problems with your property so much, and if they do they are more likely to see them for what they are – minor details.

So if you're planning to move this year, now is the time to do it and get your property on the market. The good news is that it's also easier to spring clean your home in time for viewings! If your house needs a bit of attention before you can put it on the market such as some cosmetic decoration, it's much easier to do when the weather is better. Not only will you be able to do those little jobs after work when it is still light, better weather makes it more feasible to do these jobs, and it's much easier to keep the house clean when no one is traipsing winter mud and leaves through the door.

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Dave Quain
Thu 10 Mar 16